See you at the 2023 Tuesday Night Park Runs

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Penguin in the Park 5K registration opens July 10

Come to Fairview Park in Decatur on July 10 for the Tuesday Night Park Runs, now in its 40th year. Sign-ups begin at 5:30. 1/2 mile tot trot begins at 6:00. 1, 3, and 6 mile runs start around 6:15. The cost is $1. All proceeds go to support the Staley Striders youth running programs.

Wear your Penguin 5K t-shirt from prior years for the penguin photo both and get a $3 discount code to the 14th Penguin in the Park 5K, to be held on March 30, 2019.

Tuesday, come for prizes and treats sponsored by the Trump Family and Staley Credit Union.

Summer Park Runs Start Next Week (June 12)

For all you Penguins out there in the Decatur area, the Tuesday Night Park Runs start next Tuesday, June 12 in Fairview Park. Entry fee is still just $1 and supports the Staley Striders. You can sign up beginning at 5:30. The 1/2 mile Tot Trot begins at 6:00, with the 1 and 3 mile beginning at 6:15.

We hope to see you there. You can download a schedule using the link below.

2018 Summer Park Runs

Penguin Race Pics! #penguin5k

Race photos from Penguin in the Park 5K, March 24, 2018.

Posted by Penguin in the Park on Sunday, April 1, 2018


Penguin5K Goes Virtual

Were you planning on attending Penguin in the Park 5K on Saturday morning, but had too many other commitments? We know there isn’t a perfect time that fits everyone’s schedule. Run your own Virtual Penguin 5K anytime on Friday, 3/23 through Sunday, 3/25, and we’ll mail you your race bag with t-shirt, running gloves, and finisher medal, all included in your $35 race fee. We just ask that you post pics on Facebook and tag Penguin in the Park.

Participants who register for the Virtual Penguin will not be assigned a bib number or RFID chip and are not eligible to participate on race day. This is especially for those who know they cannot attend the event on Saturday morning but want to be part of the action over the weekend.

Prior registrations are not eligible for transfer to the Virtual Penguin. However, you are still welcome to pick up your race bag and t-shirt during packet pick-up or on race day. Friends or family with your registration information are welcome to pick up your packet on your behalf.

Get $2 off using code PENGUINLOVE through 2/14

heart on treadmillTo help celebrate National Heart Awareness Month, register yourself and a friend to this year’s Penguin in the Park 5K. Cardiovascular exercise like running or walking is a great way to keep your heart in shape.

To give you a little boost, registrations are discounted by $2.00 through February 14. Use coupon code PENGUINLOVE when registering online.

Happy World Penguin Day

Did you know that April 25 is World Penguin Day? It also happens to be a month since Penguin in the Park. More than anything, we wanted to extended our heartfelt thank you for being a part of an event that makes Decatur a great community. Your participation in Penguin in the Park helped to support youth athletics at the DISC and a scholarship for deserving Millikin students.

We hope to see you again on March 24, 2018 for the 13th Penguin in the Park 5K. Stay connected through our social media outlets and website to keep up-to-date on registration and race details for next year.

Until then, keep waddling!

Tips for a Rainy Race Day

Most races are not cancelled due to rain, and many runners worry about what to do if it rains on race day. So you’re not freaking out about rain on race day. Here are some strategies for staying as comfortable as possible when running races in the rain.

  1. Wear a garbage bag – Yes, that’s right – you can make a long shirt out of a big trash bag by cutting armholes and a neck hole. You’ll be amazed at how much a basic trash bag will keep you dry and protected from wind (which is often a concern during rainy weather). Use it to stay dry and warm while you’re waiting in the starting area. Once you get moving and start to warm up, it’s easy to rip it off and throw it into a trash container.
  2. Don’t overdress – Overdressing is one of the biggest mistakes runners make when preparing for a race in the rain. Some runners assume that lots of clothes will keep them dry and warm. In reality, if you’re wearing lots of layers, you won’t stay dry — you’ll just be wearing wet, heavy clothes. Dress for the temperature, just as if it wasn’t raining.
  3. Wear a hat with a brim – A hat with a brim is you best friend during a rainy race. It will keep the rain off your face, which makes a huge difference to your comfort level and your ability to see what’s coming on the course.
  4. Run with Caution – It’s best to run with some caution as you start out because roadways can be slippery during the rain and double tie your shoes before the start of the race.
  5. Don’t forget the Body Glide or Vaseline – Chafing is more likely to happen when you’re wet, so to prevent it, spread Body Glide or Vaseline on parts of your body where you would normally chafe or get blisters — such as your feet, inner thighs, underarms, sports bra lines (women), and nipples (men). You may also want to carry a small tube of it in your pocket or running belt.
  6. Change your wet clothes and then attend the post-race party – Bring an extra set of clothes to put in your bag or in your car so you can change out of your wet race outfit into dry clothes soon after you cross the finish line. Then come enjoy the fun, food, and awards at the post-race party. You earned that post-race party!

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